Brand new medal recognizes a fantastic contributions to practical geophysics and unselfish venture inside look

Keiiti Aki

Keiiti Aki is provided new 2004 William Bowie Medal during the AGU Slip Meeting Celebrates Service, that was held towards the , during the San francisco bay area, California.


Kei Akis scientific research has offered the frontiers out-of seismology to own 50 years. He developed the new electronic running out of seismic studies so you’re able to infer Earth structure and you will qualities of your own disturbance supply. A lot of whatever you discover higher earthquakes follows regarding their work.

He had been the first ever to scale seismic moment (on the 1964 Niigata disturbance); Aki second has actually because changed Richter magnitude once the standard scale of disturbance proportions. He located the basic scaling guidelines getting seismic spectra you to solved inconsistencies among some other magnitude scales, and then he suggested physical different types of earthquakes to own heterogeneous blame rupture. So it functions discussed somewhat to both the earliest understanding of this new rupture process together with important comprehension of solid crushed actions.

The guy elucidated brand new sprinkling and you can attenuation procedure that regulate the fresh new propagation of large-regularity seismic surf, at which he derived new suggestions for calculating quake size, scattering distributions, and built-in attenuation parameters. He exhibited, for example, that inherent attenuation need to disappear in the large wavelengths.

He install of numerous novel suggestions for describing aspects of seismic waves, together with totally free-oscillation busting, Gaussian beams, and you will line inbuilt tips. Within the for each and every case, he with his youngsters effectively utilized such strategies to extract the latest version of suggestions out of seismograms.

The guy pioneered take a trip-go out tomography as a way to examine lithospheric design underneath dense seismic arrays, posting seminal files almost ten years in advance of their widespread application so you’re able to global seismology. The guy mainly based this new seismological perspectives to the eruptive process, for instance the dating away from seismicity and harmonic tremor so you can magma injection and you may eruption. The guy perceived fault-region guided swells and you will utilized their propagation characteristics so you’re able to constrain the new depth and you will flexibility of ruin areas to defects.

Since the epic because this abbreviated checklist may appear (much more subject areas could easily be extra), they does not promote Keis real perception in the geoscience area. He literally penned the book Quantitative Seismology, more influential book and you can site guide regarding reputation for the field, he coauthored which have Paul Richards for the 1980.

As the a teacher and advisor, the guy entrained of several bright pupils inside the quest to learn brand new energetic Planet, creating more than fifty Ph.D.s just who now consume secret ranks from inside the seismology internationally. Their achievement within the guiding younger scientists stems simply from the breadth out-of his skills, as well as off their outstanding individual qualities-charm, laughter, and you may an intense value to the balance and you can poetry of one’s sheer globe.

Keis quiet leaders when you look at the seismology features displayed the brand new subtlety and you will power away from unselfish cooperation for the lookup. He has got stored of numerous ranking: president of one’s Seismology Section of AGU, chairman of one’s Seismological Neighborhood of The usa, couch of your NAS Committee to the Seismology.

But their most useful leadership completion are the manufacture of the fresh new Southern California Quake Center within the 1991. As its beginning movie director, Kei articulated a vision to possess SCEC where in actuality the datemyage sign in research by disciplinary operating groups would be woven with her with the a network-peak ‘grasp model to have earthquake hazard and you will risk during the Southern area California. The dog owner-model layout contributed to of many improves from inside the seismic threat analysis, for instance the incorporation out of GPS analysis for the long-term disturbance predicting, also it continues to guide the newest increasing SCEC cooperation.

Specific scientists loom therefore high inside their fields that individuals have to recipient of your William Bowie Medal, is considered the most our giants.


William Bowie, immediately following just who brand new Bowie medal is called, are upset because of the trying to find regarding seismologists during the early 1920s one to earthquakes are occurring at the deepness of nearly 1,100000 kilometres, as the he had been located in a harmonious realm of isostasy, in which the Earths interior is during hydrostatic balance beneath the 100-km heavy crust.

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